Compared to the old models, the new MG3 in the appearance of the details for a new design where the front air grille with chrome plated front and rear lower bumper also use white paint, in addition, the use of the white car body and Processing of color red with rim 16 inches color double five-spoke design.

Power, the new car will be powered by 1.3L and 1.5L two continue naturally aspirated engine, which 1.3L engine BMW 3 Series Coilovers maximum power of 92 hp and maximum torque of 118 Nm; 1.5L engine maximum power of 109 hp and maximum torque of 135 Nm, match with two engines still 5MT or AMT gearbox. MG iGS SAIC launched the first smart driving the car, the car based on the MG Maxplan build a prototype car, and has a new design in the appearance of the details, including a new car and the front grille with a light blue LOGO decoration, while car headlights and LED daytime running lights also use a blue light, the tail, the car maintained the MG Maxplan design.

Inside, the car within the overall master tone with a white and black trim supplemented locally, at the same time, the new car steering wheel with a highly technological sense of style Impreza WRX Coilovers, the overall design of the interior is also quite futuristic. It is reported that the car can be in the 60-120km / h in the case, automatic cruise, automatic with the car, lane keeping, lane changing travel, autonomous overtaking other functions, in addition, the car also has a remote control parking function.