Brick prospects editor The chaos of the brick market, whether we want to buy brick equipment, processing equipment or broken set Block brick Block brick Equipment and other heavy equipment. We have to face up to see this market, carefully selected manufacturers, comparing multi-turn after a few ago, so a more detailed understanding of the various manufacturers of production and sales management situation. After all, w24s steel bar bending machine a lot of investment in this industry, so when selecting and purchasing machinery manufacturers must think twice, this is the best way to prevent fooled. The world is no free lunch. There are good old saying, "a sub-price goods." Those who take chances petty thoughts will make you regret it. China has 170 cities limit at the end of June 2003 prohibited the use of solid clay bricks, the new wall materials - high-pressure high-strength unburned Chinas national economic construction will open up a new way of development and production of semi-automatic, fully automatic, hydraulic block making machine, concrete block machine, stationary brick, multi-function high-pressure high-strength brick machine and ancillary equipment mixers, conveyors, ingredients and other products, innovative design, reliable performance, easy operation, products sold throughout the country and international market. Brick technology security editor 1, when the machine is running, must be installed on all shields and ground cover. 2, check the electrical portion of the ground wire to prevent leakage, short circuit and so on. 3, the motor direction is prohibited to stand in order to avoid the car so. 4, found that the machine has not normal, cheap 5 axis cnc machine for bending stainless steel plate should immediately stop checks excluded. 5, in the brick does not start, allowed to start feeding mechanism, so as to avoid overload, loss of billet mechanical phenomenon occurs. Installation commissioning editor 1, the device should be installed on a level concrete foundation with anchor bolts. Brick commissioning Brick commissioning 2, the installation should pay attention to the main body vertical and horizontal. 3. After installation check all parts for loose bolts and host the doors are tight and, if requested to tighten. 4, according to the configuration of power equipment and power line control switch. 5, check is completed, the empty load test, test the normal production. Mianshaozhuanji Features Editor Mianshaozhuanji mixing tube by the ring gear, the work forward stirring, reverse the material, you can mix plastic and semi-rigid concrete for general construction sites, roads, bridges, utilities and other projects and small concrete structures plant . Mianshaozhuanji reasonable structure, and has high production steel bar cutting machine china manufacturer efficiency, good mixing quality, attractive appearance, easy to move, etc., is a more advanced model.